IJBET 2017 Volume 6 Issue 2

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Novel approach to inverse problems for pre mature and infants’ incubators. Kefa G. Mkongwa, Benson Mbuya, Masudi Mbelwa. IJBET (2017), 6(2):13-17




Novel approach to inverse problems for pre mature and infants’ incubators

Authors & Affiliation:

Kefa G. Mkongwa, Benson Mbuya, Masudi Mbelwa

Department of Electrical Engineering, Arusha Technical College, Arusha Tanzania.

gkefa@ymail.com, bensonhmk@gmail.com, masoudmbelwa@rocketmail.com


In the world we are living today, human being faces a lot of health challenges, the challenges which may be caused by changing life styles and unhealthy eating among others, the changing habits results to several complicated health issues. Most developing countries experience higher infants’ mortality rate as well as increased birth rate of pre mature babies while majority of the population don’t have access to modern health care services due to expensive and unaffordable modern technologies. Changing life styles contributes to early age pregnancies as well as pre mature pregnancies. Pre mature babies are characterized by underweight, cold and severe dehydration in the first seven to ten days.

To save the lives of the pre mature infants whose susceptibility to severe suffocation due to cold and dehydration is high, neonatal intensive care is necessitated. Pre mature babies’ incubators were introduced to save this purpose however these incubators are very expensive to most communities in the developing countries and due to this fact inadequate number of modern incubators are deployed while traditional methods rule the process.

Accuracy of measurements for infants’ incubators have been challenging to most designers. In this paper we shall see a novel design approach which carters for inverse problems to infants’ incubators for improved accuracy, and computerized temperature control, humidity, air ventilation and reduced alarm noises by noise free alert method using GSM modem implemented in PIC microcontroller.

Key words: pre mature babies, mortality rate, infants’ incubator, skin permeability, inverse problems, GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication)